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Our Committees

Business - Chairperson: Arin Brown Director: 

Be a voice for the business community.  Provide educational opportunities to members.  Promote chamber businesses.  Identify resources for businesses.

Civic & Community Action - Chairperson: Chip Roark    Director: Wavely Coggsdale

Promote goodwill and enhance the quality of life.

Economic Development/Legislative - Chairperson: Carroll Moon      Director: Trey Finch

Provide programs and services that supports the economic vitality of the community and identify ways to grow.  Keep members abreast of current and new legislation that affects the business community.

Executive - Chairperson:  Mark Thomas Director: Jeff Janiak, Arin Brown, Michael Mayhew

Oversees the day to day affairs of the Chamber.

 - Chairperson:  Michael Mayhew     Director: Waverly Coggsdale

Responsibility for Chamber finances.

Fundraising & Sponsorships -Chairperson:  Mark Thomas    Director: Tom Nelson

Determine necessary fundraising events that will be necessary to support the Chambers programs provided for the members.

Uncle Billy's Day - Chairperson: Jeff Janiak Director: Tom Nelson

Oversees the coordination of the event.

Membership - Chairperson: Terri Dews     Director: 

Seek to identify the needs of the members and provide program of work that will be a value to all members.

Altavista Area Chamber of Commerce
414 Washington Street - P.O. Box 606 - Altavista, VA 24517
(T) 434-369-6665 - (F) 434-369-0068    email: GoAltavista@AltavistaChamber.com
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